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Village Project


This is a group of country houses, build in traditional cottage style partly in ruins to renovate, with a land surface of over 40,000 m². There are four buildings totaling 1,200 m², whose details are as follows:

  1. Townhouses set on 2 floors with an area of about 840 m².
  2. Free standing house at the front, south-southeast, 200 m² on two levels.
  3. Free standing house at the back, northeast, at 1 level of 80 m.
  4. Free standing house at the right (southwest) at 1 level of 80 m.

The surroundings are spectacular, overlooking traditional growing areas like grapes, almonds, olives, figs, overlooking the Boulevard of the Widow and the mountain with forests of pines and oaks. There are many flat grounds with diverse functions.

The land is very spacious and open. The houses are in a semi protected forest, which allows the rehabilitation of homes. These are several lots in a rural area, which can be grouped or not, but which allows the use for construction of the existing building area.

The size of the houses can vary to the needs of the buyer. But if they all would have a surface of 80 m², up to 15 homes could be build.

The project may have several purposes:

  1. The construction of farmhouses, to be developed for sale, offering common areas (grounds and a common house for leisure) and private homes, or without the mentioned common area.
  2. The construction of a hotel or rural cottage, also having some common as well as private areas.


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